When she got off the boat she clutched a crumpled piece of paper in her sweaty palm. He’d told her to memorize the address written on the paper and then destroy it, but she was too nervous and worried she might forget it.

A few of the women in the group asked her if she was taking the tour, but she begged off and said she had a headache and planned to go to a local coffee shop. She ducked down an alley and when the tour group was out of sight she began to run. Finally, out of breath with a painful stitch in her side, she stopped and looked around. She had no idea where she was, but no matter. She hailed a cab and handed the driver her paper. He glanced at it, glanced back at her, and nodded.

The driver pulled into traffic and turned up the radio, which played music in an unfamiliar language. The woman leaned back against the seat and relaxed for a the first time in days. She had no idea where she was headed or what was waiting for her when she got there, but she knew she had to get the codes and give them to Drew before it was too late.