The Bishop

Katia here. I apologize for the long delay. There was a delay when Martin asked us to meet him in Paris on an urgent mission to find Father Tom. When I told him that I was too busy trying to solve the mystery of what happened to my sister, he snapped at me, “This is far more important. Anyway, they are connected.”

To agree to travel to Paris was no small thing. Both Laura and I have commitments. We drove back to Houston, and then mom had to have minor surgery, so I stayed to help out with that. My parents helped me buy a ticket for Paris, and then Laura and I got a hotel near DWF, which had a direct flight. We finally leave tomorrow. Martin is already there. Yesterday, I received a package from him with a tarot card, The Hierophant, and a post-it which said only, “Sunday, the 26th–meet me at THE church.” Laura and I have no idea what it means, but we will do some research on the flight over.

Meanwhile, we might have also found another clue. Before we left the AirBNB in Austin a small, unmarked package was left by the door on the night we met with Martin. Not knowing if it was for us or for the owners, we hesitated to open it, but decided that we couldn’t contain our curiosity.

The packaged contained an old skeleton key with a luggage tag attached to it with the following four words written on the tag:


I’ll write again when we get to Paris!


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