The Students

In the dark of night, seven students lit torches and silently slipped out of their dormitory at the University of Paris to meet and make a pact that would result in both lifelong friendships and a new world order. They climbed the long steep hill in Paris up to a well-known and sacred crypt, where they exchanged solemn vows. Then they ran laughing down the hill, certain they would be caught and punished.

A stern-looking man greeted them in front of the dormitory when they returned. He said to them, “Gentlemen, I know what you have done and I shall not punish you. However, you must listen carefully. What you have done this night will some day be part of history, but what comes next will be a secret you will carry with you to the grave.”

The students looked at each other in astonishment, then followed the man as he led them into the chapel attached to the dormitory. One student whispered to the other, “Who is that?” to which the other student replied, “The Bishop.”

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