Library Day

Not able to make heads or tales of anything, Laura and I headed to the library to regroup and try to make sense of the clues we’ve discovered so far. Laura brought the flyer she swiped from Father Tom’s door, in order to send an email to the address on the flyer, and also to see if we could decipher the strange number string at the bottom.

We still haven’t figured out the number string, but Laura thinks it might be an ISBN number. We sent an email to Father Tom and only got a strange away message.

We are pretty sure we’re being followed, We noticed after my last visit to Iza’s apartment that an old Porsche 911 keeps showing up in the parking lot of places we visit. We haven’t been able to connect the car with any one person, but it seems like too much of a coincidence not to mean something.

One more reason we are here is that I found a library receipt dated the day she left for Frankfurt. The slip shows she checked out both The Rights of Man and Common Sense by Thomas Paine. We’ve searched the part of the library where these books are kept, on the off chance that she left another clue, but we found nothing.

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