Late last week Laura and I drove to Austin and against my better judgment we went back to Iza’s apartment. I’m not convinced that her apartment isn’t being watched, either by bad guys she is hiding from or authorities trying to find her. However, as far as I know things went off without incident.

Although I didn’t find an address book or cell phone (presumably she has her contacts on her person as we speak), I did find a class notebook from last semester, with notes in it, but also a list of contacts for a group project: Tim, Kelcie, and M. along with emails and one phone number written off to the side.

I went ahead and took the notebook with me. It had notes for Finance 207 and Accounting 199. I took it, not only because of the group project contact info, but because my sister is a history major who hates math. What in the hell was she doing taking Accounting and Finance?

We then headed to an AirBnB we booked near the university and I promptly sent an email to the three people in the notebook. I also called the phone number, which turned out to be for a pizza place. We wandered the campus for awhile with no plan, and when we got back to our rental place I found that one of the people I’d emailed, Tim, had responded with an email that said, “Please do not contact me.” No response from anyone else.

On a whim, we decided to go to the pizza place whose phone number was in Iza’s notebook. We ordered a combo and pitcher of root beer and sat in a corner by a bookcase filled with old board games. That’s when I saw it. A flyer for the UT Austin chess club, with a contact phone number for a Tim Markle.

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