Laura and I have decided to drive down to UT Austin to question some of Iza’s friends before the weekend comes and everyone clears out. I still can’t access Iza’s laptop, but I’m feeling brave enough to scout around her apartment in search of contacts. I might even try to get a copy of her class schedule from the registrar.

So far Laura and I haven’t been able to make heads or tails of any of the clues. I’ve combed through Iza’s texts to me, but nothing gives me any indication that she would be handling large sums of money. Very little mention of her boyfriend except for casual mentions of group dates, classes, and homework.

I did, however, find one more tiny clue. A small, crumpled piece of paper shoved into the front pocket of the small duffel bag holding the money. Laura and I have no idea what to do about the money, except for shoving it in a paper bag under the back seat of my car. We are quite comical about it, alternating between laughing and nail biting that either the police or the bad guys are going to show up any minute and either take the money by gunpoint or haul us away to jail. I can’t tell you how much there is because I can’t bear to count it.

Anyway, the piece of paper. Just a pencil scrawl on a torn scrap of paper which reads: FRA term1 meet? 2333 locker?

No idea. No. idea.

Anywho, I’ll keep you posted on what happens in Austin.

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